The sanguine spouses are warm, lively, fun-loving, and fun to be with. As said by Tim Lahaye, they have the usual capacity to enjoy themselves; no one enjoys life better than them. They are very open to relationship-talk and they are always willing to do activities together with their spouses; this is more likely to be so because sanguine are the most extroverted of all the temperaments and they are highly interested in people.

It is also important to note that, sanguine spouses are spontaneous in their decision-making and rarely give their actions much thought before they are taken. This is because they are usually in the mood for now and they are mostly interested in the immediate gratifications. Knowing this about him or her will help you be more proactive and be more deliberate about critical thinking and helping him or her to adopt the process.

Just as Esau(in the Bible)was quick to satisfy his hunger without a deep thought, sanguine spouses are spontaneous in their decision-making process, so their partners have to be proactive and deliberate about critical thinking while they are open to influence.


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