As I said yesterday, sanguine spouses are so impulsive in their decision-making process that they rarely give the consequences of their actions much thought before taking them. However, they are very short-tempered and find it hard to hold grudges against their partners or any other for a long time.

Sanguine spouses are quick to forgive and are very apologetic in nature. Meaning that they are quick to accept their faults and apologize for them, though it is unlikely not to find them in such a fault again because of their instinctive nature.

Interestingly, sanguine spouses don’t usually internalize emotion; rather, they are expressive in terms of their emotions, which helps them to easily process anger, hurt, or trauma and forgive easily. Their partner needs to learn this great virtue from them, as they could easily be frustrated with a spouse who internalizes emotions, keeps grudges or malice.


Do you find it hard to process your anger and let go of your hurt easily? You have to learn how to do it from a sanguine.

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