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Puberty stage could be very challenging for some children and many of them are left to figure out the stage themselves as most parents are too engaged to spend time with their children. Lack of knowledge about the teen age can expose them to social vices as they have no prior knowledge and are at the risk of getting the wrong information from the wrong people and events in the society.

Teen-age awareness school is an annual program for students between 8 and 15years where they are extensively taught the following;

  • Sexuality Management
  • Peer Pressure Management
  • Boosting your self- esteem
  • Effective Learning Strategies
  • Decision Making Skills and lot more.

Teen-age Awareness School holds every August at our office NO 99, Idi-ito Bus-stop Adjacent Oluyole Chesire Home, Poly Eleyele Road Ibadan, Oyo State.


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