Yesterday I said that, facial expression, use of space, gesturing, touch, eye movement and posture are all elements of non-verbal communication, and each of them must align appropriately with the message or the information that is to be passed across to your spouse so as to be made simple for accuracy, understanding and relevant feedback. (Please review yesterday devotional for details).

However, today, it is important to emphasis that talking is not the same as communicating; that you talk does not guarantee understanding or a relevant feedback as the act of communication is understanding centered and it is not completed without a relevant feedback. Meaning that; when feedback from your spouse is irrelevant to the message you passed to him or her, you have not communicated to him or her though you have talked.

Communication only takes place when understanding is gained and this can be measured by the relevance of the feedback received.


Make it a point of duty not to only talk to your spouse but to communicate.


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