Just as it was concluded yesterday that talking is not the same as communicating, a person might talk without passing the necessary message across to his or her listener, and where this is done, a person has been able to just talk, an act that could be synonymous with noise-making and not the same as communication (please see yesterday’s devotional).

Likewise, hearing is not the same as listening. Hearing could be compared to the gathering of wind or noise when it lacks understanding of the message that is being passed, while listening involves paying undivided attention to your spouse as he or she communicates with you so as to pick up the essence of the conversation and give relevant feedback as required. Where listening is prioritized in a marital relationship other than just hearing, understanding will really take root to establish such a relationship, as the text for the day implies.

In the coming days, I will be teaching on barriers to effective listening; please anticipate.


My partner and I are deliberate about listening to one another in Jesus name.


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