Medical compatibility cannot be overemphasized, as it is not just about the marital partners but also about the viability and health of their children, in case they are willing to have children from their union. Many people marry for many reasons depending on their needs and understanding of the word of God.

Though, in my position as a counseling psychologist, I have had to attend to many clients who want to get married for companionship’s sake only, and childbearing is not one of the achievements they are looking forward to in their marriage.

However, marital partners who are aspiring to take part in the heavenly agenda of procreation should endeavor to carry out the necessary medical tests. They are to check for sexually transmitted diseases and get appropriate treatment ASAP, as poorly treated STDs could predispose couples to infertility.

Likewise, further medical checkups should be engaged to determine the risk of infertility, and appropriate measures should be taken to prevent it because infertility could wage a serious war against a promising home. Prayer and marital conviction are necessary and important for the success of any marriage; however, they should not replace a medical checkup. Rather, you should take all your findings back to God and let him tell you that His grace is sufficient for you, as the confirmation of his presence in a marital journey is what guarantees the safety and the good success of such a journey.


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