Medical compatibility was said yesterday to be very important to the family’s health. When the medical health of a couple is incompatible, it will affect the children’s health and the overall wellbeing of the entire family.

For instance, when the genotypes of the intimate partner are both AS, AC, or SS, children born out of such unions are more likely to have their cells sickle in shape, which will make them experience medical crises time in and time out, and this will definitely have an adverse impact on the family’s economy, social status, and productivity at every level.

Intimate partners have to know that though love is feelings and emotion inclined, love is neither emotion nor feelings; rather, it is commitment. Hence, whatever will affect their commitment to one another should be avoided.

Medical incompatibility is capable of draining commitment in the long run, especially where there is no strong conviction and support for such a union from the start.


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