Emotional development is the most neglected area of human development because it is not visible—that is, it cannot be seen or physically measured like physical growth, cognitive development, and others. However, emotional growth, if impeded, can make anyone remain a child in an adult body, and this could predispose any marital relationship to serious gridlock, especially where a person is more or less emotionally developed than his or her marital partner.

Emotional compatibility is defined as the appreciation of feelings and the emotional commitment invested in a marital relationship by both parties who are involved in it. It entails being safe or being free to express your feelings of love to your spouse adequately without holding back, knowing fully that he or she feels the same measure of love as you do and will reciprocate your actions of love without taking you for granted or equating you to a cheap commodity.

Where couples are emotionally compatible, that is, where they value their feelings and commitment for one another, each of them will find their love for one another highly fulfilling and satisfactory.


Will you say you and your partner find your love for one another fulfilling?


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