Emotional incompatibility often leads to emotional abuse. Many people are familiar with other forms of abuse, such as physical and sexual, but emotional abuse is not very popular because it does not involve physical punching or beating, and its victims do not usually sustain injuries on their bodies or have virginal bruises as they do with physical and sexual abuse, respectively.

Emotional abuse involves the use of negative words and actions to relegate, demean, control, and manipulate others so as to make them do your bidding against their wishes or against what is convenient for them. Relationships that lack the same emotional involvement and commitment frequency usually breakdown into the state of emotional abuse, which can be avoided immediately one discovers that his or her intended spouse is not reciprocating the commitment and emotional investment made into the relationship as expected.

Meanwhile, the signs of emotional abuse shall be discussed tomorrow; kindly follow it up, and many thanks to you for choosing to use this marital guide daily. I await your review in a few days as this quarter comes to an end.

Do you feel that you are more involved in your marital relationship than your partner? Take this red flag back to God. Isaac’s life was preserved because Abraham heard God again.


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