The characteristics of love shows that, beyond the force of attraction, love is a force of commitment. The force of attraction is present so as to give the parties involved in a marital relationship the tenacity and passion required to stir commitment in them.

However, the word “commitment” is relative, meaning that its conditions vary from person to person because of factors such as:

  • >Individual differences in personality
  • >Exposure/experience
  • >Family background and environment
  • >Emotional or love needs
  • >Human management or maturity etc.

Nevertheless, commitment is defined as the ability and the decision to pay the price that is required to stay with a person in a marital relationship for as long as it should take. Commitment is the force that is needed to drive a marital decision to its desired end, and therefore it must not be one-sided but should foster consistency by the two parties involved for a happily ever after relationship.

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