The force of attraction was said yesterday to be one of the relevant parts of love. Though a lot of people criticize attraction in a marital relationship because of the popular school of thought that believes that love is supposed to be baseless, attraction, on the other hand, comes with reasons for finding an individual appealing or interesting to be with.

Sure, love can begin from the point of attraction, as concluded yesterday, but it is important to note that the force of attraction is not strong enough to bear the weight of marriage and the responsibilities that come with being married.

However, the force of attraction can achieve the following:

• Make partners find themselves interesting to be with so as to keep spending quality time with one another.

• It helps partners to be excited about one another, time in and time out.

• It makes paying attention to every detail that is pertinent to one another easy for marital partners.

• It ensures consistent acceptance as the marital relationship progresses.

Nevertheless, some points of attraction are to draw your attention to your partner; there is more to your partner beyond the first attraction.


Do you have points of attraction for your partner? If yes, write them down and see if you can commit to him or her beyond those points of attraction.


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