How well would you say you know your marital partner? Beyond his or her name, nationality, state of origin, gender, and facial appearance, who is the man or woman you are involved with? Our scripture today testifies to the fact that where there is a lack of knowledge, there will always be crisis, violence, and all forms of abuse or destruction.

However, understanding is the bio-product of knowledge, meaning that knowledge is the predecessor of understanding, while adequate information is the mother of knowledge.

Many of the incidents of domestic violence or intimate partner violence around the world today are a response to a lack of adequate knowledge among the parties involved in such marital relationships about themselves, resulting in a consistent misunderstanding or perpetual conflict.

The first quarter of this devotional focused on self-development through positive self-perception, but in order to achieve the goal of the year, which is “becoming an irresistible partner,” this quarter was therefore set aside for research into how to understand your marital partner better, a journey that cannot be easily achieved without adequate information or knowledge about your spouse.

Nevertheless, we have to trust God to grace us and show us how understanding can be free as air in your courtship or marriage as you are consistent in the use of this devotional. Once again, welcome to April, the first month of the second quarter of the year.

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