History has it that back then, in the year 1582, Pope Gregory XII introduced a new calendar. The Gregorian calendar reads the beginning of the new year as January 1 as opposed to the formal practice of April 1; but some people were ignorant of the change because there was no phone or social media in those days and continued to celebrate the new year on April 1; to that effect, the people who had earlier adopted the new calendar started making fun of those who were slow adopters as April fools.

In the same vein, not accepting innovation or change does not make anyone wise, even today. Only a fool does a task in the usual manner and expects a different result. To have the new experience you have always longed to have in your marital relationship and in life generally, you have to position yourself to receive the new knowledge that will help you.

I hereby heartily welcome you to the second quarter of the year, where we will be learning together on the topic “understanding your marital partner”. Understanding brings about positive change, growth, and speed. I trust God that your desire to be irresistible to your marital partner shall be fulfilled as you endeavor to be more consistent in using this devotional all through the year, in Jesus name.


How prepared are you to invest and do research into understanding your marital partner better this quarter? Your notes will prove it.


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