Yesterday, I laid emphasis on how important it is to pay attention to the mental health of your spouse and, most importantly, to check for mental illness before equating his or her silence or withdrawal with infidelity.

To know if your spouse is mentally challenged, you will need to know what it means to be mentally ill. A person is mentally ill when he or she:

✓Does not feel excited about himself or herself consistently for more than two weeks.

✓Feels sad or down for more than one week.

✓Cannot cope with daily challenges.

✓Unable to control or sort his or her thoughts at any time.

✓Reacts to people and issues inappropriately or finding people offensive consistently (at all times)

✓Withdraws from people (family and friends) and activities.

✓Exhibits excessive behavior ,e.g. eating too much, not eating at all, talkativeness, not talking at all, l or sleeping too much,.

✓Experiences continuous tiredness or low energy.

✓Finds sleep difficult.

When you notice any of these symptoms in your spouse, it is a call for action on his or her mental health, for mental health is a prerequisite for family health.


I receive the grace to be my spouse’s keeper, in Jesus name.


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