I heartily welcome you to the last day of April. The month has been so amazing and engaging as we discussed the purpose of courtship in a marital relationship. The period of courtship is said to be the most abusive part of a marital relationship, as many people take advantage of it to enjoy illicit sex and other premarital sexual activities.
However, it should be a period set aside by the intending couple to get to know one another in preparation for their happily ever after experience. Hence, the courtship period should cover:
1.    Each other’s personalities
2.    Background
3.    Ambition/career
4.    Past and present realities
5.    Failure, aspiration and life mission, among others.
During the course of the month, we discussed the four major temperaments known, which are:
1.    Sanguine, as seen in Esau
2.    Choleric, as seen in Rebecca
3.    Melancholy, as seen in Jacob
4.    Phlegmatic, as seen in Isaac and Abraham

Knowing the temperament of our spouse should therefore help us to be more bearing, patient, and prayerful for them, knowing fully that they might not be deliberate in their shortcoming. However, God’s golden intention for us in marriage is to give us partners who are suitable for us and not necessarily the same as us.

giving you a partner that is suitable for you and not necessarily the same as you.


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