It was said yesterday that knowing the personalities of our marital partners helps us to easily foster acceptance in our marital relationship as required and equally assists us to shun comparison where necessary as our marital relationship progresses, for no two individuals are ever the same. Given the same condition and the same opportunity, your spouse and your ex-lover will never handle the same situation or the same event in the same way because of the differences in their personalities.

Personality is the combination of factors that predicts how a person reacts or responds to people, situations, and the world around him or her at large. These factors may include but are not limited to the following: his or her exposure, experience, background, career choice, environment, religion or denomination, association, and temperament.

While temperaments are genetic traits that are inherited from both parents and grandparents, however, in order to understand the personality of your spouse, each of the aforementioned factors needs to be discussed between the two of you, along with how each of them affects your partner’s philosophy of living.


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