The teaching of the month has been centered on what negative self-perception is, its indications, its causes, and its impacts, so as to maximize our marital relationship as God intended.

The journey to becoming an irresistible partner, which is our core objective for the year, must begin with ourselves, but this cannot become a reality without first understanding the concept of self-perception.

When your estimation of yourself falls short of your strengths and relies solely on your weaknesses, your perception of yourself is negative and not positive. Likewise, when your strengths are overrated or overstressed as though you don’t have weaknesses or limitations, your self-perception is equally unhealthy or negative.

However, the indications of negative self-perception are as follows:

Negative self-talk

Lack of self-care

Poor – assertiveness

Inability to give and accept compliment.

Social vices. It is believed that knowing the indications of negative self-perception can empower us to deliberately walk away from it or get the needed help.

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