Welcome to the last day of the month of October. It is amazing how the teachings of the month unfolded, and only the Lord deserves the glory for the great and mighty things he did throughout.

To maximize your marital relationship as God intended, you need adequate knowledge about marriage and about your intending spouse or spouse, we narrowed down to knowledge about your spouse this month. Knowledge about your spouse can only be made possible if you have enough information about him/her which begins by knowing how to make him or her talk to you heart-to-heart, for the more he or she can confidently share his or her deep thoughts and feelings with you and vice versa, the easier you become one with one another. Hence, we looked into why intimate partners might not talk to one another as they should, and the following factors were discussed:

• Personality

• Mental health issues

• Addiction

• Mismanagement of information

• Intellectual and social gaps

Please get the details of each of these factors by catching up with the total teachings of the month through our social media platforms such as: Facebook (Sure Hope Counseling Clinic) and Instagram @shcc_counseling


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