Welcome to the last day in the month of July. If this devotional has been a blessing to you, kindly share your view on; thank you.

Yesterday, the summary of commitment began with the indications of commitment in a marital relationship and factors that influenced commitment in a marital relationship. Partners should understand that commitment should not be one sided in order for the strength of the committed partner not to be drained. If commitment is one sided and no adjustment is made by the uninvolved partner, it could lead to the frustration of the committed partner.

During the course of the month, it was said that certain factors naturally hinder the commitment of partners towards one another; these natural factors are;

✓Unrealistic expectation

✓Constant criticism/condemnation

✓Lack of contentment

✓ Communication gap or breakdown

✓Solo syndrome

✓Emotional cheating


Partners involved in a marital relationship should pay attention to the natural factors mentioned above, which can impede on their commitment to one another seek professional help, and make deliberate effort to work on them if their marital goals will be achieved.


Write out which of the natural factors that you think are affecting your commitment to your marital relationship and discuss it with your partner. You can seek professional help where necessary.


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