Spiritual compatibility simply means having the same belief system as to ways of serving God and placing the same commensurate value on him in worship and in stewardship. Just as there could be many doors or routes to a living room, such as; back door, front door, side door, and even windows but among them all, there is one that is the main entrance that is endorsed by the owner of the house, and entering through any other could be illegitimate.

Likewise there are many access to God though there must one that is legitimate; the way and the truth. Spiritual compatibility entails that you and your spouse choose the same route to God, that is, both of you must have a common religion, the same understanding about the religion, invest the same energy into its practice and have the same level of commitment to the culture and the God of the religion.


Will you say that you and your marital partner are spiritually compatible? Consider your answer base on the definition of spiritual compatibility as thought, today.


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