Spiritual compatibility was said yesterday to entail a couple choosing the same route to reaching their God. That is, having the same religion, sharing the same measure of understanding about their religion, investing the same energy into its practice, and having the same level of commitment to the culture and the God of their chosen religion.

Spiritual incompatibility could wage a serious war against marriage and wreck the harmony of a promising home. In my position as a counseling psychologist and God’s servant, I have seen how spiritual incompatibility has breed emotional gaps, caused perpetual conflict in a marital relationship, and eventually crumbled both.

It is important that you marry into your spiritual tribe so that you don’t get your seed confused and drain your energy for purpose fulfillment. For instance, just because you are a Christian is not enough reason to marry another Christian; you must ensure that he or she has the same spiritual orientation, speaks the same spiritual language, and has the same spiritual energy level as you because both of you are eating the same spiritual food and have the same commitment to the same God. Spiritual compatibility does not mean that you must belong to the same denomination as your intended spouse, but both of you must share the same faith and commitment to God, while the couple must both share the same faith and belong to the same denomination.


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