In overcoming masturbation addiction, next to self-awareness as discussed yesterday is understanding your sexuality. Your sexuality is part of your make-up, in fact that is what defines your gender and God is deliberate about it because of the purpose you are to fulfil here on earth part of which is fruitfulness and dominion. However, when you don’t understand your sexuality you are likely going to abuse it by engaging in masturbation, homosexuality and pre-marital sex.

For instance, erection is normal for a male sexual organ likewise sexual urge is not abnormal in female but the fact that one is hungry does not make one eat animal dungs, drink one’s urine or eat undone yam. Sexual drive is just like hunger drive, thirst drive e.t.c. just as you will wait to drink the healthy liquid while thirsty and eat properly cooked food while hungry the same you should trust God to wait for the appropriate use of your sexual organ. Erection is an indication that you don’t have erectile dysfunctional problem; and sexual drive is a symbol of reproductive wellness, it should not be an excuse for illicit sex (masturbation, homosexuality, premarital sex and extramarital affairs) for not even ignorance is an excuse in the court of law.


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