Yesterday the symptoms of intellectual incompatibility were itemized as high disparity in academic achievement, financial, productivity, social class, age and many more. However disparity or differences, it should not be a problem in a marital relationship where the minds of the people involved are well trained in handling issues of life and people (maturity). Likewise disparity is beautiful and should make marital relationships colorful where the self-esteem of people involved is healthy.

Therefore, to ascertain intellectual compatibility you must pay attention to the self-esteem of your intending spouse. Where he or she have unhealthy self-esteem, intellectual abusive is inevitable, irrespective of whether he or she is at advantage in academic, career, finance or is more socially inclined than you are. Whether he or she is younger or older than you will not matter; low self-esteem could make anybody easily susceptible to perpetrating intellectual abuse. For two has to be on the same page intellectually in order to be able to walk together as a team.


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