People who treat others shabbily and disrespectfully are usually those who lack respect for themselves; this is because how you treat others is the mirror of how you treat yourself. Meaning that if you are too hard on people, you rarely give allowance to yourself as well. If you don’t know how to treat yourself well, it will be too much if anyone expects you to treat him or her better.

Lack of self-respect is strongly indicated by negative self-talk, which will predispose anyone to back bite others and talk about them in a negative light. Lack of self-respect will kill your admiration for your spouse and make you not to appreciate his or her good gesture promptly, because anyone without self-respect is more open to criticism than appreciation and this will impede marital commitment that should flow from each of you and your partner to one another.


Are you kind to yourself? If yes, then you might find it difficult to be kind to your spouse.


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