Self-esteem is basically not about what people say or think about you, rather, it is the opinion that you personally have about yourself. It is what you emit to the world around you about yourself, time in and time out, consciously or unconscious.

Self-esteem is therefore indicated by five strong attitudes, which are:

✓ Sense of identity: the concept of knowing yourself.

✓ Sense of purpose: the reality of the problem you live to solve.

✓Internal security: a state of not yielding to social pressure

✓ Sense of belonging: a reality of self and societal acceptance.

✓ Competence: this is the ability with confidence.

Having these attitudes in place indicates that your esteem is healthy and you will be able to foster commitment in a marital relationship as you should, considering the health of your spouse, your environment, and the opportunities around you.


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