Having explained that emotional compatibility cannot come to place in a marital relationship where the parties involved don’t have the same level of commitment towards each other or place the right value on the contributions and emotional investment of one another in their relationship, emotional abuse is always indicated by neglect or abandonment, rejection, demeaning, insulting, and more, all of which can be perpetrated by word and action.

Emotional incompatibility is one of the most frequent factors predicting emotional abuse, domestic violence, violence against a person or intimate partner violence, and many more.

However, where intending marital partners or couples are emotionally compatible, they are going to enjoy the following:

✓Continuous access to one another.

✓Prioritizing each other above others expect God.

✓Patriotism of one another.

✓Mutual respect.

✓Genuine acceptance.

✓Consideration and affection.

✓Mutual trust.

✓Vulnerability to one another.


✓High productivity and more.


Are you and your partner vulnerable to one another? If not, why not.


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