Temperament represents genetic traits inherited by individuals from both parents and grandparents. They predict individual behavioral patterns and provide some indications as to why people do what they do spontaneously. There are four known temperaments, and it is important to know that a person can be a blend of two or more of them, having one as primary and others as secondary. However, the four temperaments identified by Tim Lahaye are sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic.

Temperament is likewise a combination of strengths and weaknesses, meaning that your spouse is not only full of weaknesses and strengths but also a combination of both. When you relate to your spouse based on his or her strengths alone, you will have unrealistic expectations of him or her, and likewise, when you see only his or her weaknesses, you will be highly critical of him or her, leading to an emotional gap as a result of unhealthy communication manners, unforgiveness, and abuse. Therefore, having a balanced perception of your spouse is highly required for lasting marital bliss.

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