What is Self-Perception?

Self – perception is how you perceive yourself. What others say about you makes you judge yourself and gives you a positive or negative perception of yourself but interestingly, self-perception is focused on how others see you. No doubt, certain experiences have colored your perception of yourself, but it is important to know that your perception could be a major hindrance to giving and receiving love.

How you see yourself could be determined by various things most especially; your experience, background, personal failures and successes, exposure, personality etc. all of which affects the overall concept you have about yourself and your judgment. Self-perception is negative when you are critical of yourself, that is- your ability, look, inspiration, expecting little from life and struggling for acceptance. While it is positive when we have strong faith in God, that he has wonderfully created you and put abilities in you that will make you who he really wants us to be. Also when you can acknowledge you have strengths, weaknesses and limitations without putting one above the other. This makes you less critical of yourself because you believe those abilities are inherent in you through God, so you can focus your energy on how to express them rather than struggle for acceptance or being judgmental of yourself.

Some Indicators of Negative Self-Perception
✓Negative self –talk
✓Lack of self-care
✓Poor assertiveness
✓Inability to give and accept compliments
✓ Involvement in social vices

How to Improve Self-Perception

Improving self-perception begins with understanding the bedrocks of self-perception (self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love), while putting the following into consideration;
✓Improving self esteem
✓Discovering life mission
✓Achieving dare goals

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