Life skills were defined in March as a group of psycho-social competences and interpersonal relationship skills that help people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner. Life skills are essentially about providing the necessary information that could empower one to make an informed decision.

There are some basic life skills for improving self-perception, which are as follows:

• Self-awareness skill

• Interpersonal relationship skills

• Thinking skill

Self-awareness: Self-awareness starts at the point when we can confidently evaluate ourselves. Any attempt or set of therapies put in place to solve a problem without adequate self-awareness on the part of the client, “the owner of the problem,” will surely hit the rock or eventually regress, if ever successful. Self-awareness skills include stress management, emotional management, and positive thinking. To access the new romantic experience you desire in your marriage or to become as confident as you desire, you have to come to the point where you can correctly diagnose your situation and take responsibility to seek and accept the required help.

Interpersonal Relationship Skill: It grants a person the ability to know and live with others successfully, which in turn will help one to build a healthy relationship using non-demeaning words on people, being assertive, and being able to resolve disputes or conflict as expected. Nevertheless, the relationship that a person has with himself or herself becomes the pre-requisite or basis for building successful interpersonal relationship skills. Interpersonal relationship skills are empathy, listening skills, handling disputes, interpersonal effectiveness, managing relationships, and confident or assertive communication.

The Thinking Skill: It enhances effective decision-making strategies as it involves strong principles that empower an individual to process his or her thoughts in executing a given task as well as in making the right decisions, setting appropriate goals, and building the ability to use information correctly. Some of the skills classified as thinking skills are goal setting, decision-making, and problem solving.

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