Temperament does not only affect the way we think or act alone; it does affect the major aspects of our lives, of which parenting style is not exclusive.

The sanguine spouse has been ascertained to be warm and fun to be with; no doubt, children do enjoy themselves with the sanguine because their impulsive spending nature will make any kid around them to get a lot of gifts, while their story-telling ability and their sense of humor will always make kids relish the moments spent with them. The homes of the typical sanguine spouses are always full of excitement, as no moment is permitted to be dulled.

However, just as there is no temperament without weaknesses, sanguine is not exceptional. The sanguine spouses are more likely to raise confident, exciting, warm and fun-loving kids who are mostly disorganized or less disciplined and free-willed. Hence, a sanguine spouse has to take it upon himself or herself to correct a child for wrong doings, immediately such are discovered because procrastination might mean never, while their partners help in supporting them to be more detailed, organized, or disciplined, follow up on their appointments and promises made to people, as well as following up on instructing and disciplining the kids.


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