There is a thin line between sadness and depression.

General Symptoms of Depression

1) Lack of energy/ fatigue

2) Sleep disturbance

3) Difficulty in concentrating or cognitive dysfunctional

4) Feeling of worthlessness or hopelessness or guilt ridden

5) Feeling of restlessness; irritability, intolerable

6) Loss of interest in hobbies or in regular activities e.g Bathing, Brushing of teeth, going out, talking with others e.t.c.
7) Change in appetite
8) Persistent aches/ pains

9) Talkativeness or Talking-less

10) Having low motivation

11) Inability to make sound decision

12) Feeling tearful

13) Having low self esteem

14) Feeling hopeless and helpless

15) Continuous low mood and sadness

16) Thought of suicide and attempt

When any symptom persist for two weeks, then you need to see a therapist.

Are you exhibiting prolonged sadness or you lack interest in your daily activities, book a session on 07067921204.

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