The new month started in grand style as Sure Hope Counseling Clinic in conjunction with Hope for Pre-teens, Teens, Youths and the Vulnerable Ones Initiative takes Mental Health Campaign to Eleyele Motor Park Ibadan, Nigeria.

The impact of mental health challenges cannot be over emphasized in our society today. Many individuals have lost their lives due to mental health challenges, of which the road transport workers are not left out. Looking at the current situation of the country today, we will discover that there are a lot of issues that poses threat on an individual’s mental health. All of these can be managed in order to reduce the high rate of suicide/death rate if people are well informed. Hence, the need for Mental Health Awareness which held today at Eleyele Motor Park, Ibadan Nigeria.

Mental wellness answers to all round health. A person is said to be mentally healthy when he/she has a positive attitude about himself or herself and is able to cope with each passing day effectively.  At the campaign today, road transport workers and the women within the environment of the motor park were enlightened on what mental health is. They further learnt about the indications of mental health challenges; anxiety, insomnia, isolation, loss of appetite or over eating, to mention a few. They also got to identify the cause of their mental health challenges and asked questions on how to prevent them as the lead consultant, Tosin Togun exposed them to various causes of mental health challenges.

One on one counseling session with the lead consultant; Tosin Togun

In concluding the session, the lead counselor amongst other ways of preventing mental health challenges, emphasized on the need for the drivers and women present to be aware of their present state. She encouraged them to take out time to identify the trigger of their anxiety and depression. Identifying the stressors/triggers is a major step to preventing mental health challenges. She also emphasized the need to socialize, seek professional help and commit their ways to the Almighty God as they make effort towards preventing mental health challenges.

As a way of encouraging the drivers to be aware of their present state, they were opportune to check their vitals and were given medical advice where necessary.

We want to say thank you to all our sponsors and partners for making this program a reality. God bless you all.

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