For marital peace to be experienced in any home, the couple must seek the right information for the process, as information is the remedy against deformity. Many marriages today experience secondary infertility because of lack of adequate information about what Rhesus factor compatibility is. Rhesus factor is a charge that indicates the presence or absence of protein on the surface of the red blood cell.

Furthermore, it is the same as the charges indicated in your blood group. For instance, if your blood group is AB+, the positive charge shows the presence of protein in your red blood cell, and if you are O-, the negative charge indicates the absence of protein in your red blood cell. If there is an absence of protein in the red blood cells of a woman, she should seek medical advice if she is to marry a man whose red blood cells carry protein to avoid subsequent birth complications after the first birth. This is another reason abortion should be discouraged among unmarried people, following its spiritual, physical, and other psychological consequences of it.


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