Interpersonal effectiveness is a set of skills that you require in taking on the responsibility of creating the opportunity that people will need to respect your opinion, meet your needs, and do what you expect them to do promptly. This skill is effective in strengthening your present relationships, helping you to refrain from the toxic ones as you embrace the new and satisfying ones.

There is a price to pay for making interpersonal relationships effective. One of them is the use of the “five magic words, which are best taught in the nursery rhyme that says,

There are five (5) magic words (x3) that I know.

Please, excuse me, I’m sorry, thank you, and the last one is I love you. (refrained by the Sure Hope Counseling Clinic).

The use of the magic words provides the opportunity to help others take your opinion seriously and do your bidding promptly. Each of these magic words shall be considerably expanded in this devotional in the coming days, God willing.

Do you readily get the commitment you desire from your spouse?

If not, why not?

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