Many people are not aware of what intellectual compatibility is, as a result, it symptoms are usually waved and not been given much attention to, at the initial stage of most marital relationship. As many marital relationships progress, these symptoms became degenerated to intellectual abuse which could involve verbal, emotional and physical forms of abuse.

Intellectual incompatibility is a big red flag in a marital relationship, its symptoms are always very bold but mostly ignored on the part of people who are desperate for a union, tired of singleness, and want to change their father’s name by all standard.

It is however, very important to note that abuse is not gender bias meaning that both male and female could be subjected to abuse in a marital relationship. More reason both genders should be familiar to basic symptoms intellectual incompatibility such as:

• Wide disparity in academic achievement

• Wide disparity in social class

• Wide disparity in financial productivity

• Wide disparity in age and many more.

Men are in sizes, if your esteem is not healthy enough to mingle with a man or a woman who is higher than you educationally, socially or financially, please don’t force it and vice versa.


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