Everyone has the need to be accepted, as rejection could be highly traumatic for anyone, especially when it comes from loved ones. Among the five basic human needs identified by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs is the social need, which is the need to have relationships with others. This need is considered by Maslow to be an important part of psychological development because our relationships with others reduce our emotional concerns. Likewise, where this need is not met, the individual affected might become a shadow of themselves, as social interaction is needed for self-actualization.

In the same vein, social compatibility is needed for all-round acceptance in a marital relationship, as the absence of this could predispose a couple to abuse one another’s basic human needs or rights, which include a need to socialize. I have seen husbands who restrict their wives’ access to social media and vice versa, and domestic violence has been recorded where the affected parties try to do otherwise. More reason why subject of social compatibility should be given a wide publicity among singles aspiring to be married and the married.


How is your spouse’s response to your social media use? Make necessary adjustments as social compatibility is highly needed for peace in your home, though social media use or access is not a yardstick for social compatibility.


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