Intellectual compatibility is one of the factor that should not be overlooked in making marital decision, as the hallmark of intellectual compatibility evolves round the ability of the parties involved in a marital relationship to be able to place right value and worth on one another’s intelligence, opinion, interest and be able to engage in a thoughtful and meaning conversation with mutual respect for one another.

However the hallmark of intellectual incompatibility is guide gap in educational attainment, age, social status and financial capability; all of which should not pose a threat where the self-esteem of marital partners is healthy.

Nevertheless where intellectual compatibility is attained, the following dividends are usually inevitable:

i. Reduced communication gap

ii. Reduced emotional gap

iii. Limited conflict

iv. Easy alignment

v. High productivity

vi. Enhanced parenting

It is never too late to check for intellectual compatibility in your marital relationship and seek help if necessary so as to prevent future abuse.


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