A month into our courtship; my fiancé who is now my husband discovered that I was very independent and would hardly give feedback or be accountable as expected. The attitude was breeding emotional gap in our relationship which he felt he could not cope with.

This negative attitude was not a deliberate character or an image I wanted to portray in a relationship I so much value but my attitude was a response to my childhood experience.

As a child raised by a single mother, I have learnt over the years, to put my life into my hands so as not to over labor a woman I have come to know as Father, Mother and my paternal extended family. In the process; I became strong and less dependent.

This attitude almost crumble a relationship I have to come to cherish all my life if not for its early detection and a corporal deliberate actions against it by my partner and I.

Create time to identify negative attitude you exhibit and make conscious effort to work on them.

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