Happy International Women’s Day! Still on stress management, today’s session is tailored to this year’s International Women’s Day theme, INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY FOR GENDER EQUALITY.

In the fast-growing world’s population and challenges, stress management has become a skill that individuals, family units, the working force, government bodies, and the world at large must embrace to prevent consistent mental and emotional breakdowns that can easily crash the global wealth if not considered necessary or handled as a matter of priority.

However, the huge goal of stress management cannot be easily achieved without the innovation of technology being made available to both genders. On the home front, certain tasks that require a remarkable amount of energy to be completed might not necessarily be performed manually but be done using the innovation of technology.

Technology is therefore, any means by which a task or job can be done with minimum human effort or energy requirement, so as to reduce stress. For instance, mothers should have access to driving the family cars just as well as fathers, and a girl child should use tractors to farm just as well as a boy child. Meaning that technology should be made easy for all and should not be made gender restricted or biased but should be an opportunity made available for all.

Are you technologically inclined?
If not, why not? You have to brace up to challenge yourself.


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