Maturity is another factor that could color anyone’s perspective on marital commitment. Maturity is closely related to age, but it is not defined by age.

From my wealth of experience as God’s servant and counseling psychologist, I will say that age is best suitable for physical and cognitive development, which will enhance academic and cognitive maturity, but emotional and social development are what depict marital maturity, as maturity is a function of how well a mind is trained in handling people and the issues of life.

If commitment is paying the price that will be required to make a marital process successful, then a child does not have the means to pay for that cost. A child is emotionally and socially underdeveloped; hence, he or she cannot manage people and issues of life as expected in a marital relationship. Sadly, there are adults who remain children emotionally and socially.


How developed are you emotionally and socially? This determines your readiness for marriage, not your age.


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