If you are a new user of these quotes, you may need to catch up with the teachings of last month through our social media handles, as they offer the basic foundation for fundamental knowledge on the concept of commitment.

The goal of this quarter is to help the user of this series gain mastery at stirring commitment in his or her marital relationship. This goal will be difficult to achieve if I fail to lay the foundation of how commitment begins in a marital relationship, which I will do this month.

Marital relationships do not start with your partner, as is often assumed, rather, it is a journey that begins with you. This is because people only get committed to you based on the level of your commitment to them. Meaning that commitment is reciprocal and not only dependent on one party in a marital relationship. This month’s teachings will basically achieve the purpose of helping you understand how you can get committed to your marital relationship, as this will naturally stir commitment in your partner.


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