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A lecture presented by Mrs Oluwatosin Togun at Federal coporative college, Ibadan on 20th of June 2019. At their one day business submit with the optimistic minds. Topic: Branding Your Family.


A group of people united by common convictions, affiliation and Characteristics. 

What does it mean to brand a family (entrepreneurial context)

To an Entrepreneur, branding maybe referred to as a group of different products belonging to a single brand that are sold under their parent brand (UMBRELLA BRANDING).  For instance, all apple products are sold under apple brand and for apple brand to sell all it products, it must have unique characteristics such as  the logo, colour, content, etc; that will make it stand out in the competitive market.

What does it mean to brand a family (marriage context)

In marriage context, branding a family means making your family to stand out with unique characteristics that makes it different from existing families. For example: your extended family, your immediate family.



This includes stating your reason for wanting to get married or have a family. The reason many abuse the gift of family is the lack of purpose as to why they need a family.

Make your Research

Make a list of marriages/families around you and state why you will like or not like to pattern your family after them.

Creating an identity or style (logo) For Your Family

This means to determine the style or principles that your family will be operated on. For instance:

  • African home setting
  • Western home setting
  • Godly home setting


Services To provide in Your Family

There are five(5) basic human needs:

  • Physiological need: a need for shelter, food, etc.
  • Emotional need: a need for receiving and giving of affection or to be loved and give love.
  • Developmental need: a need to be educated, trained or empowered.
  • Social need: a need to belong to a group. E.g: family, friends, religious group, etc.
  • Self actualization: a need to discover purpose and attain purpose fulfillment. Providing this services for your family will ensure it’s stability and high performance in attaining individual goals/family goals.

Consistency AND PRAYER

Do not loose your focus on the kind of spouse and children you want to raise. Be consistent  in prayer as to what you want in a family, remember that any product that looses it consistency can not remain branded.

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