Melancholy spouses are introverts, unlike the sanguine and choleric, meaning that they are not really people-oriented and are more likely to internalize emotions than externalize them. But they share similarity in being organized, economical, serious, and purposeful like the choleric. However, they are highly creative, respectful, analytical, thoughtful (thinkers), suspicious, critical, detailed, self-sacrificing, loyal, talented, musical, artistic, conscientious, idealistic, poetic, philosophical, and geniuses.

Moreso, melancholy spouses find it easy to make amends, though they are extra cautious; nonetheless, they are socially insecure, skeptical, remote, withdrawn, and don’t want to be opposed. The partner of a melancholy person will need to trust God in order to know how to please them because they are perfectionists by nature and are always fuzzy with details.

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