Physical compatibility are obvious features and qualities that endears two opposite sexes to one another in a marital relationship. These features could be age, physical appearance such as height, skin-color, muscles, body shape and sizes, facial type such as oval, round, square, diamond, shape of lips, stepping and lot more.

Physical compatibility cannot be over emphasized as regarding marital compatibility. For instance, it is best that the age disparity between couple is not too wide. In most cases; men are more secured in marital relationships where they are older than their lover while most ladies feel youthful when they are younger than their lover. However, if you are the type that age disparity affect his/her respond to love, you don’t have to overlook such factor in choosing your marital partner.

Likewise there are men who feel more secure in a marital relationship where they are taller or have the same height with their lover while there are ladies who will not like to be taller than their lover. Whichever way, knowing your specification of lover and what enhances your response to love in a marital relationship and adjusting to such is what physical compatibility entails.


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