Hurray! Jesus did it!!! We made it to the last day of the year; it is really amazing how God took us by the hand through the journey of becoming an irresistible marital partner all through the year. Flesh and blood or technology didn’t make this possible; Jesus himself did it in his own special way. I hereby congratulate you for making the journey to the end with us. Please do not forget the lesson learned in a hurry; keep applying it to your marital relationship and other good relationships that the Lord has blessed you with, and by God’s grace, your place in the different hearts where the Lord has placed you shall not be given to another.

Volume 2 of the devotional continues next year by God’s grace; please continue to be part of this as it promises to keep getting better, for the path of the righteous can only shine brighter and brighter by the day, as our text today emphasized.

See you next year, and happy cross-over day!

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