Having summarized the first phase of our teachings for the month yesterday, today I will be summarizing the second phase which is centered on explaining the elements of love. During the course of the month, love was summarized as the following;

1. A consistent force; that is, it endures and does not fail because it is a way of life. As consistent as love is, marital partners need to understand that love should not be taken for granted because of its consistency but should rather mutually respect one another for the growth of their love.

2. A force of attraction, otherwise known as passion or love at first sight. It was emphasized that attraction is a necessary part of love, though attraction alone cannot sustain the weight of marriage. Hence, both parties involved in a marital relationship must be ready to commit to one another beyond their attraction for each other so as to make the most of their relationship as it progresses.

3. A commitment; that is, the ability to pay the price that is required to make a marital relationship work as expected beyond all odds. Commitment to different people varies; hence, each party is expected to clearly state what commitment means to each of them so as to help one another stay committed as the relationship progresses.

4. Romantic; that is, being affectionate. It was said to be the process in which partners are being able to passionately and affectionately involve in every detail that is pertinent to each other consistently outside sexual intercourse and foreplay.

In conclusion, when you claim to love your partner, the above must be put into focus, not leaving anyone out, in order to ensure marital bliss.


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