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Having discovered what your own primary love language is, becoming more sensitive and being intentional about knowing your partner’s love language becomes easily achieved. We can easily deduce that self-love is central to loving others rightly. For God has love you with everlasting love, outside him, no one desires to love you more than your marital partner, he/she is willing to share his/her best part with you and love you deeply by showing you what it means to be loved. However great this sounds, it might be difficult where the love-tank of your partner is empty, giving what one does not have might not be totally realistic.
More reason, you have to know, what your partner love language is, so as to fill him up with love and in return he will be able to speak love back to you out of the abundance that he or she has.

Nevertheless, to know your partner’s love language, it is important to pay a genuine attention to his/her emotional or love need by observing his or her utmost request from you and pay attention to how he/she shows love to you because we primarily find it easier to communicate love to others in our own love language. How he or she communicate or show love to you is a sure indicator of how he or she will like to be treated or loved, as doing to others as you want them do to you is a golden rule

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