Yesterday, thinking was said to be a needed skill for an individual in processing his or her thoughts effectively for a highly productive life, as thinking guaranteed an effective decision-making process. When people are skilled or guided on how to make the right decision, their capability for high productivity will be expanded, thereby increasing their potential to perceive themselves positively.

However, “decision making” refers to making a suitable or appropriate choice among the many options or alternatives given. It is equally important to note that indecisiveness is a lazy decision-making process that is associated with poor thinking capability as it is a passive way of making decisions or living on other people’s decisions, which one may regret sooner or later because it is potent enough to damage self-perception in the long run and predisposes one to depression.

Thinking makes a man come to himself and step out to take the necessary or required actions that will birth the changes that he desires. Do you have any challenges with your spouse? Think through the causes and the possible ways out.

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