Today, I will be rounding up my thoughts on the self-awareness skill. Self-awareness has been defined as the state of being vulnerable to receiving help. A number of skills have been identified as necessary in coming to the point of self-awareness, which are; emotional regulation skills, positive thinking skills, and stress management skills. Each of which can only be effective at the point where one comes to the point of “knowing” and “accepting” the reality of his or her state and embraces a need to be helped.

In the same vein, until a person comes to the state of knowing that his or her self-estimation or perception is unhealthy, he or she cannot see the need to embrace the self-awareness skill, which is practically where the healing begins. I have been made to work with clients who are struggling with addiction and mental breakdown, the family and friends of some of whom are highly supportive and willing to put all requirements on the table to redeem their own. But, most efforts have proven abortive in some cases because the clients do not come to terms with their struggle and mental health status.

Self-denial is a stronghold that usually keeps its victims perpetually bound to their negativity, even in the presence of abundant help.

Self-awareness does position us to receive prompt and adequate help. To access the new romantic experience you desire in your marriage or to become as confident as you desire, you have to come to the point where you can correctly diagnose your situation and take responsibility to seek and accept the required help.

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