Yesterday, I summarized physical compatibility, spiritual compatibility, and intellectual compatibility. We will love to receive your comments and testimonies at Thank you.

Today I will be summarizing the other dimensions of compatibility. When this period is well maximized, it saves marital relationships from unnecessary crises and increases productivity.

1. Social Compatibility: It was described during the month as a connection between the marital couple that makes each of them comfortable with their kind of friends or associations, family background, and social influences from their hobbies and lifestyle. Social compatibility enhances all-round acceptance, and where that is not achieved, it could predispose couples to abuse one of the human rights: Socialization. Ignoring social compatibility could cause a major crisis in marriage if not discussed as singles, and if you are married, you need to create time to discuss and make adjustments where necessary.

2. Medical Compatibility: Many singles go into relationships without ascertaining this until they are under pressure to be married, and at this point they have invested so much in the relationship and find it difficult to break free from it if it’s discovered to be unhealthy. For medical compatibility to be ascertained, marital partners need to be able to talk to one another nakedly without shame, as openness is always the key to awareness and the route to true acceptance.

Medical compatibility entails the following test:

Blood group


Rhesus factor



As important as knowledge of blood group and genotype is, the Rhesus factor has caused secondary fertility for most married couples. Intending couples should take cognizance of the positive (+) or negative (-) charge that accompanies their blood group. If a lady is negative, it means there is an absence of protein in her red blood cells, and she needs medical advice at the point of conception. Also, singles who are in the habit of aborting fetuses could be prevented from having other children if their charge is (-) and they are not aware of the necessary precautions.

It is important to note that God is intentional about you; he knew you before you were born. Hence, don’t see your genotype or blood group as a cause; rather, seek medical advice and trust God to connect you with the marital partner suitable for you. Furthermore, sexually transmitted diseases should be treated urgently to prevent couples from being predisposed to infertility.

3. Emotional Compatibility: Everyone wants to feel loved; hence, couples should value the feelings and emotional commitment their partners invested in the marital relationship to ascertain emotional compatibility.


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